Space: The final frontier - and some awesome art [8 Pics]

Steven Hodson

I am a sci-fi fan from way back and having an art background as well I love it when I come across artists that bring us their visions of what lies beyond our world. Over at the Creative Fan site they have collected some 50 images of a variety of artist's work from which I have pick my favorites.

I hope you like them as much as I do and make sure to drop by Creative Fan to see the whole collection.

Top image: A New Dawn by Burning-Liquid

Shield World Construction by Phoenix-66

Loca Infernorium by taenaron

Tasan Paratuspa by BPauba

Western Hemisphere by gucken

Lost in Space

In the Circle by joejesus

Land of Dogs by Akajork

Final Refuge by Sanosoke