‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: The 2014 Nurses Ball Kicks Off 3 Weeks Of Fun Performances

Michael YadaABC Press

General Hospital will be starting its three-week run of previous episodes of the annual Nurses Ball. On Monday, the ABC soap is expected to air the 2014 Nurses Ball, which focuses on host Lucy Coe and her always entertaining shenanigans. Due to the show’s inability to film any new episodes because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has decided to air reruns until the crew members can get back to doing what they do best.

On May 21, the last new episode of General Hospital aired, and now begins the summer of classic shows that fans can get lost in. The first three weeks will be specifically focused on the famous Nurses Balls that have happened over the years. It’s an annual tradition of talent, fun, and, of course, plenty of drama included. According to SheKnows Soaps, the first one on Monday, May 25, will be the 2014 Nurses Ball, which will feature a surprise proposal and the memorable performance by Liesl Obrecht.

General Hospital also shared a sneak peek clip into Monday’s show, as it always does, and the video shows Lucy and Felicia getting ready for the event. Felicia looked gorgeous in a gold and silver shimmering gown. At that time, the two women were close because Lucy has been sharing her secrets with her BFF. Lucy was still married to Kevin Collins then, but she had a recent tryst with Scott Baldwin that she was trying to keep secret. Felicia knew about it and was happy that Lucy was putting that all behind her.

However, the clip revealed that Lucy wasn’t too sure about it. She and Scott had been close for many years and she had always had special feelings for him. They are currently good friends, but in 2014 it was a little different.

Fans will get to see plenty more of the Nurses Ball on Monday. Nurses Epiphany, Liz, Felix, and Sabrina Santiago will be performing a special song. Sabrina has since been killed off, but those who loved this character will be able to see her once again.

When General Hospital returns in a few months after new episodes are filmed, there are lots of storylines that will continue. The custody hearing of Wiley will resume, with Nina Reeves taking the stand apparently to help Nelle. There is also an impending pregnancy looming ahead. Hints suggest that Maxie is with child, which will certainly complicate things for her and others in Port Charles.