A Prison Consultant Recommended That Lori Loughlin Ask Felicity Huffman What To Expect From Jail

Prison consultant Michael Frantz explained why he thinks Lori Loughlin should have a serious talk with Felicity Huffman.

Lori Loughlin looks on.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Prison consultant Michael Frantz explained why he thinks Lori Loughlin should have a serious talk with Felicity Huffman.

Michael Frantz, a prison consultant and the director of Jail Time Consulting, recently recommended that disgraced actress Lori Loughlin should have a conversation with Felicity Huffman regarding what to expect in prison. He believes that Huffman’s own recount of what she went through will help better prepare Loughlin for what is to come, according to the Boston Herald.

It was announced this past Thursday that Loughlin, as well as her designer husband Mossimo Giannulli, have taken a plea deal for their role in the college admissions scandal and will be facing prison time.

Both Huffman and Loughlin were charged for their respective roles in the scandal. However, Huffman apologized for her wrongdoing and took a plea deal far earlier on. She’s already completed her prison time, which amounted to less than two weeks behind bars, a fine and some community service. Loughlin is expected to be facing a much harsher sentence.

Upon pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, Loughlin will likely be spending two months behind bars.

Frantz explained that now is the time for Loughlin to prepare herself and the best way to do that is to know what she is getting into. Because Huffman has already been through it, she would be a good person to seek advice from, according to the consultant.

“It would an excellent idea to talk to Felicity Huffman now to get an idea of what to expect in jail. I don’t think the judge will be too lenient. She needs to find out how to handle herself. It’s a dangerous situation in there right now. Prisoners are herded in there like cattle. The horror stories are just amazing,” he said.

The danger that Frantz is alluding to is that of the coronavirus pandemic. Prisoners are particularly at risk due to the close quarters, limited time outdoors, and poor sanitation. Loughlin is certainly not heading to prison at an ideal time.

“Everyone wants to get out, but she can’t avoid it. It’s not fun and games — it’s real danger. It’s close quarters and close to impossible to social distance,” Frantz warned.

Loughlin’s husband is expected to face an even harsher sentence than she is. He will plead guilty to a count of conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, and honest services wire and mail fraud. This is expected to land him five months in prison, a $250,000 fine, two years of supervised release, and 250 hours of community service, as The Inquisitr previously reported.