Michael Moore: Republicans Only Win When They ‘Cheat’

Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore speaks at a campaign event
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

In an interview broadcast on Friday night, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore argued that Republicans only win when they “cheat,” The Hill reported.

Moore made the remarks during an appearance on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher. The award-winning filmmaker warned that President Donald Trump may be looking to cancel or postpone the 2020 presidential election because he realizes that Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, is a strong favorite to win.

“The only way they are going to pull it off is if he’s able to cancel the election or postpone it. That is what we’re going to have to fight against because I’m certain that is what is going on in his head right now,” Moore said.

Moore pointed out that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost to Trump in 2016 despite winning the popular vote, suggesting that the same could happen to Biden. The former vice president, Moore said, may win by 5 million votes and still lose the Electoral College because Trump has a dedicated base of supporters in key states.

Host Bill Maher argued that Trump is opposed to mail-in voting because he realizes high voter turnout would be bad for the Republican Party. In agreement, Moore went on to argue that Republicans would lose elections across the nation if not for voter suppression.

According to the filmmaker, “the majority of the country” agrees with the Democratic Party’s positions on most issues, but the system is set up in a way that it benefits the GOP.

Moore concluded that Republicans can only win when they “cheat.”

“The only way Republicans can win, and this has been true for a few elections, is to cheat. Is to somehow game it, rig it, do whatever they need to do.”

As The Hill noted, Trump has repeatedly expressed opposition to mail-in voting, openly saying that such a system disproportionately would benefit the Democratic Party. The president recently threatened to withhold federal funding from Michigan after the state decided to mail absentee ballot applications amid the coronavirus pandemic.

An ardent Trump critic, Moore has previously argued that the commander-in-chief is willing to do whatever it takes to win in November. In an interview earlier this week, he said that the coronavirus pandemic is a “gift” to Trump because he could use the outbreak as an excuse to postpone or even cancel the elections.

According to legal experts, Trump would need congressional approval to cancel or postpone the 2020 election.