WWE News: Sonya Deville Explains Why Feud With Mandy Rose Is Personal

Some of the most historic storylines in WWE history have mined real-life relationships to create compelling rivalries. That just so happens to be the case with the current feud involving Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. According to Deville, per Newsweek, their current rivalry on Friday Night SmackDown has incorporated some elements of reality.

Deville said that it's important for their feud to feature some real-life aspects, even though she said that they've been "magnified" for the sake of entertainment. While the two superstars are friendly when the cameras aren't rolling, Deville thinks that including some real-life references makes their rivalry more convincing.

"Obviously everything is magnified and has a creative spin to it, but I think it's very important to bring real life elements in there. When I was working on the first promo I did with Mandy, I was helping write it and threw in there that she came to my sister's wedding with me, and she was my roommate. Those are things that maybe the writers or someone wouldn't have known. So you're sitting at home [and] hopefully that gives you the ability to be like, "Wow, this cuts deep.'"
Deville and Rose have continued their feud on social media when they aren't on television, which has resulted in some disrespectful accusations being broadcast on Twitter. The superstars are going out of their way to make the rivalry seem convincing.
Deville has been critical of Rose's wrestling ability as well, and keeps stating that she's all looks and zero talent. Rose is also a model, while Deville used to be a professional MMA fighter. The pair have been playing up these characteristics in an effort to present Rose as an underdog.

During the interview, Deville revealed that the pair being friends makes it much easier for them to insult each other. Deville also called Rose a "tough cookie" who's more than capable of handling trash talking, as she's an experienced performer who's been doing this for a while.

While WWE is often criticized for micromanaging superstars and scripting promos, Deville and Rose's storyline has featured a lot of women's own input. According to Deville, the writers have put a creative spin on some of their ideas, but for the most part it's been a collaboration between the performers and the backstage personnel.

The feud between Deville and Rose stemmed from the latter's romance with Otis, but both superstars have taken it to the next level by making it personal.