WWE Rumors: Company Reportedly Reconsidering Decision To Release Superstar

Drake Maverick was one of many superstars to be released from their WWE contracts on April 15. However, he is one of the few performers to be let go who is still active on WWE television, and he's managed to gain a lot of fan support as a result. Due to Maverick's recent surge in popularity, there has been speculation that he could be rehired. While his future with the company remains uncertain, he is reportedly in a good position to keep his job.

As documented by Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue, the brand has taken note of Maverick's fan support during the current Cruiserweight Championship tournament and appears to be acting accordingly. According to Colohue, the fans have the power to potentially change the company's plans for the superstar.

"There have been some changes made to the tournament standings based on his popularity, to try and capture that and keep it going. So while I still don't believe he's gonna win the Championship, he's certainly in a much stronger position now than he was originally planned to be. If fans get behind people and embrace them, even just on social media, it can change plans. So if you want him to be hired, keep going. If they decide to bring him back, it'll be because you forced their hand."
WWE has also acknowledged Maverick's release on recent episodes of NXT and incorporated it into a storyline. He is being built as an underdog babyface who needs to win in order to save his job. Earlier this week, the company even released an 11-minute promo video about the superstar's current experience.

As Daniel Bryan and Becky Lynch's pushes showed in the past, strong fan support can change the entire trajectory of a star's career. While it's harder to gauge Maverick's crowd reaction due to the absence of live audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media engagement and NXT/YouTube ratings also play a big part in forcing management to pay attention.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed in the world of sports entertainment. As The Inquisitr previously documented, there have been contrary reports to this one which state that WWE still intends on releasing Maverick after he has completed his current duties.

Maverick has been on a winning streak in recent weeks, and his performance in the tournament could reflect the company's plans for him. However, many fans will be hoping that they keep the popular babyface employed, as his current storyline has been compelling.