Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Sports Black Booty Shorts For Latest Glutes Workout

Fitness model Lauren Simpson shared her latest workout video with her 1.9 million Instagram followers on Friday, May 22. She showed off her sculpted figure while demonstrating a series of glute-targeting exercises.

For the workout, the trainer wore a black sports bra and booty shorts combo that left plenty of skin and muscle on display. The top included thick straps that crossed her upper back and showed off a strip of her toned tummy. The booty shorts rose high on her hips and extended to the tops of her thighs, featuring transparent stripes along the sides and giving viewers an eyeful of her bulky legs.

Lauren completed the outfit with a pair of white Nike sneakers and white ankle socks while accessorizing with a black exercise watch. She wore her long, platinum blond tresses in two French braids that trailed down her back to the top of her backside. The model also appeared to have made up her face with a generous coating of black mascara, eyeshadow, and a glossy lip.

Lauren carried out the glutes workout from her living room and used a variety of equipment, including a dining room chair, red resistance band, dumbbell, and gray exercise mat. She completed a total of six exercises, each featured in an individual clip.

The first exercise that Lauren demonstrated was the DB hip thrust, which required the use of the resistance band, chair, and dumbbell. In the second video, she performed a series of banded Bulgarian split squats, leaving one foot on the seat of the chair and pulling up on the resistance band tucked under one foot.

The next exercise in the circuit was lying frogger abductors. Lauren rested belly-down on the chair and bent her legs into a diamond shape behind her, with the band secured around both ankles. She then moved on to donkey kicks -- another exercise that required her to lie belly-down on the chair.

The final two exercises in the routine were reverse hypers, carried out from a belly-down position on the chair, and feet-elevated glute bridges, performed on the floor.

In the caption, Lauren wrote out the exercises and indicated the number of sets and reps her followers should complete for each. She added a message about currently loving home workouts despite her initial disappointment when gyms closed for the coronavirus lockdown.

Lauren's glutes workout earned several thousand likes and dozens of fan comments in the first few hours after she shared it on Instagram.