Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Reportedly Got 'Creative' For Their Anniversary Gifts

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle know how to think outside the box. The couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary on May 19. In 2018, they were married in Windsor Castle in a ceremony filled with royalty and celebrity guests. Now, a source is telling People about the unconventional way they celebrated the day.

"They love to do their own take on traditional wedding gifts. The first anniversary was paper, and Meghan wrote out the wedding speech and had it framed for him," they said.

The insider also suggested that they likely did something similarly creative for their second anniversary.

"This year, they both gave each other gifts based on 'cotton.' Undoubtedly, it was a very creative and romantic gesture as all their gifts are to one another."
In a previous report from People, a source told the magazine that Harry and Meghan had spent their anniversary celebrating at home in Los Angeles with their son Archie. Archie's first birthday was earlier in May.

In recent months, the couple has been settling into their new lives in Los Angeles. They moved to L.A. from Canada in March just before the border between the two countries closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. They had been living in Canada since January when they first announced that they would be stepping back from their roles as members of the royal family.

Previous reporting has suggested that the couple is on the hunt for a permanent home. While they're staying in Los Angeles without a house of their own, they've been living in Tyler Perry's residence. The house sits on 22 acres, and it's reportedly well-guarded, which might appeal to the privacy-focused pair. In addition to its extensive acreage, the house also has eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms and is apparently worth more than $18 million.

When they aren't making themselves at home in Perry's swanky pad, Harry and Meghan have also made time to volunteer with Project Angel Food, which is providing meals to those in need during the pandemic. According to Richard Ayoub, Project Angel Food's executive director, Meghan has decided to introduce Harry to the city through philanthropy.

Harry and Meghan were recently spotted out delivering those meals in casual attire. In photos described by People, the couple was seen holding hands as they wore masks and delivered food to locations around the city. Ayoub said that they wanted to see Project Angel Food's clients, talk to them, and "hopefully put a smile on their faces."