'General Hospital' Drops Hints About Developments Ahead As Last Pre-Filmed Episode Airs

Viewers were left hanging on quite a few fronts with the end of Thursday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers have hinted at some of what will happen when the show is able to return, and these last couple of shows provided some additional insight.

There was no preview clip that aired at the end of Thursday's show, and that's because there are no new episodes coming for a while. The next couple of weeks will feature throwbacks to prior Nurses Balls, and reruns will continue for the foreseeable future.

Fans may not get any new episodes anytime soon, but it looks like they will still have plenty to buzz about. For one thing, it looks as if Maxie is pregnant with Peter's child. Sasha will probably end up addicted to drugs and Robert is convinced that Holly is still alive.

The custody battle over Wiley continued right through the final moments of the May 21 show. Nina was feeling torn over whether to support Nelle or Carly, and she was sworn in as a witness as Thursday's episode ended. She swore to tell the truth, but for now, she is the only one who knows what she means by that.

Unfortunately, the revelation that Nelle has the other half of the necklace Nina that treasures did not emerge. Nelle has been keeping that necklace with her throughout this court hearing, but Nina didn't spot it yet. The next phase of that storyline should come soon after GH returns, and it will likely cause a lot of waves.

Valentin has been itching to move forward with his ELQ takeover, and there were some developments during Thursday's show on that front. He was about to reveal to Brook Lynn that he is the mystery buyer of her shares. There is definitely a lot of drama on the way as this battle progresses.

Another interesting tidbit that was incorporated was the progression in Olivia and Robert's friendship. He stopped by the Quartermaine mansion, and he quietly talked with her for a while.

This friendship isn't based on any romantic feelings at this point, but it looks like that could become a possibility. Olivia has remained despondent over Dante's situation, and she's been looking for support. Now, it's become apparent that she isn't getting what she needs from Ned as much, as she's getting that support from both Robert and her psychic. Ned looked a bit suspicious as he eavesdropped on Robert and Olivia's conversation, and this could result in some drama this fall.

The late summer and early fall should bring juicy developments on a number of other fronts, too. Ava and Nikolas are still battling, and he finally made a call to Spencer to talk about the ultimatum he was given. Elizabeth and Franco are struggling a bit, and the teen crew will navigate some challenges as Cameron and Trina's romance blossoms.

In addition, as SheKnows Soaps details, Sonny will continue to grieve over trying to let Mike go. A decision will be made regarding Wiley's custody, and this will have a big impact on many people in Port Charles.

Fans may not know when they will be able to see what comes next with all of these storylines, but additional details will hopefully emerge soon. The General Hospital writers clearly have a lot of chaos planned in the months ahead, and viewers will be anxious to learn more.