Lauren Simpson Posts Incredible Transformation Snap To Instagram, Talks About Post-Surgery Journey

Lauren Simpson posted a five-week progress post to her Instagram account after undergoing major abdominal surgery. The transformation snaps showed her incredible journey from her post-surgery bed-bound form to her current muscular and bulky physique.

The photo on the left featured the fitness model after spending several weeks on bed rest, while the right side showed her transformation after five weeks of post-recovery working out. In both photos, Lauren wore a black bra and black high-cut panties. In the photo on the left, the bra included shoulder straps and a scoop back, leaving plenty of upper back exposed. She wore her straight blond tresses loose and pulled over one shoulder, while also appearing to have made up her face with thick black lashes and a bit of lip gloss.

In the right-hand photo, the bra was strapless and thick around her rib cage. Lauren's hair was pulled back into a low bun, with several loose strands tucked behind her ear. She also seemed to be wearing mascara and a bit of foundation.

The differences between the two photos were evident. Although her body was still fit and toned in the post-surgery snap, it was clear she had lost muscle mass. In the current photo, Lauren's physique was chiseled, showing how much she had built up her muscles during the past few weeks.

Lauren wrote about her journey from post-surgery recovery to her current fitness regimen in the caption of the post. She explained she has been working daily on mobility, stretching, and resistance, completing three to four home workouts per week using dumbbells and booty bands. She also wrote about how quickly her body had lost muscle mass after having to pause daily training and heavy lifting.

After getting back into resistance training and increasing her caloric intake, the trainer saw her muscle mass come back at a fast rate. She ended the caption by expressing how proud she was of her hard work and that she hoped to inspire others with her story.

Lauren's fans and supporters quickly took to the comments section to leave hundreds of messages for her within the first hour. Many of them congratulated her on her achievement and told her she was an inspiration to them.

"You're amazing gurl!! Looking strong! Love a coach that practices what they preach," one Instagram user commented.

"I am so glad you reposted this. Because this is real life!! It inspires so many people," wrote another follower.