May 20, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers For Wednesday: Julian Does Not Intend To Let Nelle Lose

Nelle Benson is going up against her baby daddy, Michael Corinthos, this week on General Hospital in a heated custody battle over their son Wiley. They both hastily married their new spouses in order to win some points with the judge, and neither one of them is expecting to lose. The previews for Wednesday's episode noted that Julian is standing by his new wife's side as he is being quite firm in making sure that they win.

While spoilers from Soap Central say that Carly will be on the hot seat when her past comes into play at the hearing, the General Hospital previews also have Julian and Nelle strategizing. Although Nelle married Julian to gain custody of her son, Julian only agreed because she blackmailed him into it. He seems to be determined to make sure that Nelle gets what she wants. He may even seem to be too willing to succumb to her demands.

Viewers are left wondering why the ex-mobster is letting himself be blackmailed in the first place. Nelle does have the goods on him after overhearing him and Brook Lynn chatting. Her lawyer apparently has the info he needs to out Julian's secret about Wiley in case something should happen to her. That seems to be the reason that he is her lapdog right now, but General Hospital fans would rather see him turn against Nelle somehow.

One thing is for sure. Sonny isn't too happy about this new coupling. He and Jason confronted Julian on Tuesday's show. Sonny basically told Julian to annul his marriage, or else. Julian didn't seem the least bit threatened, and now it appears that he is going all out in helping Nelle secure her win at the hearing. But will there actually be a twist coming?

Many fans are hoping that Julian will either turn against Nelle while on the stand or arrange for a possible "accident" to happen. But first, he would have to make sure that the incriminating note that she said she had given to her lawyer disappears as well.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for a long while before they get their answers. There are only two more new episodes left before General Hospital goes on hiatus until filming resumes. The ABC soap will be showing classic airings of the annual Nurses Ball for three weeks. After that, they will most likely continue to air older episodes for the summer.