May 20, 2020
Fitness Model Ashleigh Jordan Teaches Instagram Followers How To Bulk Their Booty

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan posted her latest workout video to Instagram on Tuesday, May 19. In the clip, she showed off her killer figure while teaching her 3.5 million followers how to bulk their booty.

For the workout, Ashleigh wore an outfit from her personal activewear brand NVGTN, which consisted of a top and leggings. The black halter style top doubled as a sports bra and left her muscular arms and toned tummy exposed. The light-blue leggings included a thick waistband and extended to her ankles. They emphasized her shapely backside and sculpted legs.

Ashleigh wore a pair of white sneakers and accessorized with sparkly hoop earrings. She pulled her long blond hair out of her face and up into a high ponytail. She also appeared to be wearing a face full of makeup, including black mascara and lip gloss.

The trainer took to her home gym for the workout, using a variety of exercise machines. In her caption, she noted the exercises could easily be adapted using bodyweight and a resistance band for those who still didn't have access to a gym. The workout included four exercises, each featured in a separate video clip.

The first exercise that Ashleigh demonstrated was dumbbell sumo squats. She used a single large dumbbell and held it in between her legs with both hands while performing a series of squats. In the second video, she performed weighted split lunges, lifting one leg out behind her to rest on an exercise bench while squatting on the remaining leg. She held a dumbbell in the hand opposite to the leg she was working.

Ashleigh's third exercise in the circuit was the cable kickback. She used a cable machine to carry out the exercise, attaching it to one foot and then stretching her leg out and up behind her. In the final exercise, she did some weighted donkey kicks. Getting down on all fours, she pushed up a weighted bar with one leg, alternating sides.

In the caption, she gave her trainees some tips on building their glute muscles. She wrote that the most important factor is diet and advised her followers to make sure they're eating enough calories with a balanced amount of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. She also let them know that discovering what works best for them requires trial, error, and patience.

The booty bulking workout earned over 40,000 likes and more than 300 comments within the first several hours.