Katy Perry Addresses Taylor Swift Collaboration Rumors, Becoming A Mother

After weeks of speculation, Katy Perry finally addressed the rumors of a forthcoming collaboration with her fellow pop superstar Taylor Swift, per E! Online. She addressed the speculation during an interview on the United Kingdom-based Hits Radio Breakfast, and threw some water on the burning-hot rumor.

“No, it’s not correct. But the fans are definitely excited for something like that to happen in the future, and I’m always open.”

The hosts followed up by asking if “in the future” could possibly mean her upcoming album. Perry issued another denial, and laughed about inadvertently creating another collaboration rumor. The pop star paid tribute to her fans, who have been thorough in their investigation of her work — and in unearthing “Easter eggs.”

“I mean, the fans are so fun, they do search far and wide for Easter eggs. And we do put them in our visuals and in lyric videos and music videos and content that we created.”

However, Perry pointed out that not everything she hides in her work is intended to be an Easter egg with a hidden meaning, and sometimes these artistic pieces are just “flowers” that they can enjoy.

In 2019, Perry appeared in the music video for Swift’s single “You Need to Calm Down,” officially ending years of rumors of a feud between the two. The purported feud involved each of their relationships with singer John Mayer. Since the two are once again on good terms, fans have been looking for signs that their long-awaited collaboration was coming. Theories have ranged from Swift’s voice being heard in the background of Perry’s new single, “Daisies,” to Swift hinting at a specific release date based on the time she posts an Instagram selfie. If there is a collaboration in the works, Perry isn’t planning on revealing anything just yet.

Perry also spoke about how she’s adjusting to life in quarantine, saying she’s using the time to work on things such as “becoming a mother.”

“I always wanted to be that. I didn’t know if I could be that or if I had the capacity. My sister is the most maternal one in my family, and I’m like a logistic strategist… I never really had the maternal gene, I had to learn how to have that.”

Perry is currently expecting a child with her fiance, actor Orlando Bloom. The couple began dating in early 2016 and have been engaged since February 2019. She credited Bloom’s brother, who is a producer and engineer, for helping her finish her forthcoming album while under lockdown. Perry described the makeshift studio in her master bedroom as “very do-it-yourself,” while acknowledging that she’s gotten very good at doing things without her usual team in recent weeks.

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