May 13, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers For Wednesday: Olivia's Upset And Looking For Answers From Lulu

During Wednesday's episode of General Hospital, spoilers indicate that Olivia will be rattled over something. She will be involved in a conversation with Lulu and it seems she will be expecting some details regarding whatever has her upset in response.

Teasers previously noted that Olivia would be upset over something this week. Now, the sneak peek for Wednesday's show posted on Twitter confirms that this situation will play out during the May 13 episode.

The preview shows Olivia at the Metro Court talking to Lulu. Olivia seems quite exasperated, animatedly asking Lulu what is going on. Lulu looks pretty calm and straight-faced as she listens to her former mother-in-law, and it'll be interesting to see just what this is all about.

Lulu has been on the receiving end of grief from Olivia over the end of her marriage to Dante for months now. Olivia has been especially amped up over Lulu's romance with Dustin. However, it's not clear whether that's what is driving this upcoming discussion.

It could certainly be that this conversation is once again about Dante. Olivia asked Robert to do some digging to learn more about Dante's current situation, but she wasn't able to gain any truly valuable insight.

Dante perhaps has returned more letters to Olivia or just left her hanging, and Olivia may be expressing her frustration that she can't see her son or do anything to help him. General Hospital spoilers have teased that there might be a Dante return on the horizon, and a conversation like the one coming up between Olivia and Lulu could set the stage for that.

At the same time, there are plenty of other things that Olivia could be wound up about and ranting to Lulu over.

Viewers saw during Tuesday's show that her young son Leo reached out to his dad Julian and got a bit dramatic over Ned being mean to him. Olivia could be stressed out over Leo's antics, or she could be venting about Brook Lynn's drama or other Quartermaine chaos.

Whatever it is that has Olivia so wound up, Soap Central signals that she will be completely beside herself over this. That does seem to suggest that this is related to more than just Leo acting out or Lulu's romance with Dustin.

Nothing else related to Olivia appears to pop up in other General Hospital spoilers covering the next week or two. Given that, it may turn out that this upcoming rant is ultimately much ado about nothing. If it is about Dante or something else significant, it seems likely that fans are going to be left hanging for a while.