‘Cheat Death’ Adopted As Hospital’s New Slogan

The slogan “Cheat Death” has been adopted by a North Carolina hospital.

Gaston Memorial Hospital recently changed its name to CaroMont Regional Medical Center. In addition to the name change, the hospital picked up a brand new slogan.

CaroMont CEO Randall Kelley explained that the medical center is looking to get involved with the community. Kelley added that the hospital wants to work with restaurants to develop menus that incorporate the slogan “Cheat Death.”

The CaroMont Regional Medical Center is also looking to team up with local gyms. Kelley suggested that the hospital could help develop “Cheat Death” workouts that would tie in with its restaurant partnerships. A social media campaign that uses the slogan is also in development.

Kelley stated during the unveiling ceremony that some may take issue with the hospital’s new “Cheat Death” slogan. However, the CaroMont CEO stressed that something needed to be done to improve the well-being of people living in one of North Carolina’s unhealthiest counties.

“To put it bluntly, we have a healthcare crisis in Gaston County. And to solve it we’re going to have to transition to an entirely new structure of delivering health care,” he explained.

Kelley added, “When you get beyond the initial shock — isn’t that exactly what you want your healthcare provider to help you do? It’s exactly what we help our patients do every day of the year.”


Gaston County commissioner Jason Williams said some hospital employees and local physicians have taken issue with the “Cheat Death” slogan. He explained that many in the community may not take too kindly to the tagline since the county is “politically, socially, and religiously” conservative.

“They think it has a negative connotation. Some doctors believe it cheapens their field. I had a minister who thought it was even blasphemous,” Williams said. “I don’t think this is going to be too well-received by the community. And I don’t think it’s ever too late to step back and revisit this.”

What do you think about the “Cheat Death” slogan adopted by the North Carolina hospital? Do you think the tagline is in poor taste?

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