May 11, 2020
Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers Reveal That Curtis Will Get An Earful From Trina Again

Trina Robinson does not hold back on telling it as she sees it, and General Hospital spoilers tease that she's about to make that clear to Curtis Ashford once again. Detective Marcus Taggert died two months ago as he was trying to save Trina and Cameron Webber, and she still holds Curtis responsible for the tragic outcome of that fateful day.

As viewers saw a couple of months ago, Cyrus' men kidnapped Trina and Cameron in order to lure Taggert to a warehouse. Taggert had Curtis along with him for backup, but the detective still ended up getting shot. Taggert died of his injuries, although there have been hints that his death may have been faked to keep his daughter safe.

Trina has blasted both Jordan and Curtis at various times since her father passed away, and it looks like she is about to lash out again. Last week, she tore into Jordan for the bombshell the police commissioner dropped about Taggert and others fabricating evidence to frame Cyrus. Now, it's Curtis who will face her wrath again, as she blames him for her father's death.

The sneak peek for Tuesday's show reveals that Trina and Curtis will cross paths at General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that whatever the two end up discussing prompts an intense response from Trina. She will angrily say that Curtis is just as bad as "he" is, although fans will have to wait till Tuesday to find out who she's referencing.

It could be that Trina and Curtis are talking about Cyrus since the mobster did ruffle the feathers of this group last week with his unwanted attention. Clearly, whoever it is that Trina thinks Curtis is like, it's not intended as a compliment.

Curtis typically lets Trina lash out at him without countering back, understanding why she is so hurt and angry. It seems likely he will do this again during this upcoming confrontation, although he will be quite upset over something later this week.

According to Soap Central, Curtis' anger is almost certainly connected to the Cyrus situation since Jordan is scrambling and the mobster has made it clear he intends to stay in Port Charles and cause waves.

General Hospital spoilers have previously shared that Curtis will be feeling quite protective of Trina and her mom Portia due to Cyrus showing an interest in them. This has already started, but it sounds as if there may be more on the way. Trina may be trying to push him away, but all signs point toward Curtis keeping a close eye on the teen and her mom as Cyrus continues to cause chaos in Port Charles.