May 11, 2020
Spoilers For 'General Hospital' Tease Lots Of Drama For Detective Harrison Chase Ahead

General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 11 tease that Detective Harrison Chase is going to be popping up quite a bit in connection to a number of storylines. He may be on the outs with the love of his life, Willow Tait, but he isn't about to fade into the background.

During Monday's episode, Chase will be bantering with Brook Lynn at the PCPD. There has been some speculation that these two might end up hitting the sheets at some point, considering his split from Willow and the dynamic that is being built between the two of them.

It doesn't look as if anything intimate is coming quite yet for Chase and Brook Lynn though. For now, it seems that viewers can expect to see more of these two egging one another on in various ways.

Monday's show will also have Finn meeting someone for a beer and General Hospital spoilers suggest this could be Chase. Finn is probably anxious to tear into his brother for not coming clean with Willow and it is known the two men will spend time together this week.

According to Soap Central, Chase will turn down an offer of some sort from Finn. It could be his brother offers to step in and talk to Willow again, explaining what really happened, or something else connected to all of this chaos. Whatever it is that he suggests, it sounds as if Chase will be resistant.

Also coming up this week, Carly will be talking with Chase. General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Willow and Michael will be getting married ahead of the court hearing regarding their custody case, a move that is the result of Sasha and Chase faking their fling.

Carly quickly figured out Sasha was lying about having cheated on Michael with Chase. It sounds as if Carly will be confronting him this week, but ultimately, her goal is probably to thank him for sacrificing his relationship with Willow in order to help Michael and Wiley.

Viewers will also see Mac reach out to the detective for some reason in the coming days. Of course, they are both working with the PCPD, so it's not entirely unusual for them to interact. It could be that Mac will want to talk specifically with Chase over his growing concerns regarding Jordan, however.

Mac hasn't come right out and said it yet, but it became fairly clear last week that he suspects Jordan is hiding something significant regarding TJ's kidnapping. Chase doesn't know anything about Jordan's secrets, but Mac may want to ask him about it or solicit some help from the detective.

It doesn't sound as if Willow and Chase will manage to find their way back to one another anytime soon, if at all. However, General Hospital spoilers hint there will still be plenty of action ahead for the detective as he is pulled into a handful of other developing storylines.