Katy Perry And Her Cute Dog Wear Elephant Costumes For The ‘Disney Family Singalong: Volume II’ Special

Katy Perry will be fittingly playing the role of a mother on tonight’s Disney Family Singalong: Volume II special. However, the pregnant American Idol judge’s character won’t be human.

On Sunday, Katy took to Instagram to show off the unusual attire that she’ll be wearing for the musical television event. The 35-year-old “Never Worn White” singer was dressed up in an elephant costume, complete with an upraised trunk protruding from her forehead. The belly and chest of the costume appeared to be padded, so Katy’s baby bump wasn’t visible. According to People, the mom-to-be will be performing the song “Baby Mine” from the movie Dumbo for the singalong, which explains her pachyderm getup.

Katy’s costume included a pink ruffled bonnet topped with a big bow. She was also wearing a blue collar trimmed in pink that featured a knotted tie detail. The look was an exact replica of the one worn by Dumbo’s mother, Mrs. Jumbo, in the original 1941 animated version of the Disney story.

Mrs. Jumbo sings “Baby Mine” to Dumbo in the movie, but Katy doesn’t yet have her own little one to serenade with the lullaby. Luckily, her adorable teacup poodle, Nugget, was the perfect size to play the role of the baby elephant. In Katy’s photo, the curly-haired dog was pictured wearing a little Dumbo costume, complete with the flying elephant’s over-sized ears and tiny yellow hat. The pointy cap even featured a likeness of Dumbo’s pint-sized pal, Timothy Mouse.

The singalong isn’t the only Disney-themed event that Katy’s fans can see her taking part in tonight. In the caption of her post, she revealed that the top seven contestants on American Idol will be performing their favorite Disney tunes after the singalong airs. In honor of Mother’s Day, they’ll also sing songs dedicated to their moms.

As of this writing, Katy’s photos of her elephant costume have been liked more than 500,000 times.

“Omg I love this,” read Demi Lovato’s response to her post.

“My office will never be the same again,” wrote Katy’s fiance and the father of her child, actor Orlando Bloom.

Many of Katy’s followers shared their love for Nugget, but one fan didn’t seem to think that the cute canine was happy about being forced to play dress-up.

“Nugget blink twice if you need help are you okay sis,” the commenter wrote.

“Sorry mom, but here the real queen is NUGGET,” another fan remarked.

Katy also received a flood of comments wishing her a happy Mother’s Day.

This isn’t the first crazy costume Katy has hidden her baby bump under. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she dressed up like a giant roll of toilet paper for last week’s American Idol at-home show.

Disney Family Singalong: Volume II airs tonight at 7 p.m. ET on ABC. Other artists who will be performing popular Disney tunes during the special include Halsey, John Legend, Christina Aguilera, and Idina Menzel.

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