Katy Perry Dresses In Outrageous Toilet Paper Costume For ‘American Idol’ At-Home Show

Katy Perry dressed up as a roll of toilet paper for her latest appearance on American Idol.

One week after Perry appeared on the TV talent show’s first-ever remote episode while dressed as a bottle of hand sanitizer, the pregnant pop superstar turned up wearing a custom costume made to reflect another hard-to-find item during the coronavirus pandemic.

For the second at-home show, Perry was introduced on a split-screen alongside fellow Idol judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. She explained why she was wearing a giant roll of “A.I.” toilet paper, per Entertainment Tonight.

“I just wanted to make sure everyone had enough toilet paper at their houses.”

While her costume got a few laughs from her fellow judges — Bryan wanted to know what “ply” Perry was — the “Roar” singer revealed she planned to ditch the getup to put on something more comfortable for the at-home episode. She offered to send the giant toilet paper roll to Bryan because she knows he can use it.

Perry posted a photo of her toilet paper outfit to Instagram. In the post’s comments, some of her 95 million fans reacted to her outrageous costume theme.

“Katy is ON A ROLL with the costumes I CANT HANDLE IT,” one fan wrote.

“I’m excited for what your outfit will be next week. Kinda scared but in a good way,” another wrote to the singer.

Ahead of this week’s American Idol episode, Perry also shared a video on Instagram, showing her costume in action. The 35-year-old singer, who is expecting a baby girl with longtime love Orlando Bloom, was filmed wobbling around her house in the getup. Perry did a puzzle and took a cake out of the oven before getting “stuck” in a doorway.

“We’ll never see that belly right?” one fan wrote in the comments.

“LET US SEE YOUR BABY BUMP,” another added.

Perry received some flack for her hand sanitizer costume last week — and not just because it hid her baby belly. On social media, some American Idol fans accused her of stealing the spotlight from the contestants, who have already been robbed of a big part of their Idol experience due to the pandemic.

Ahead of this week’s show, Perry teased a new costume but explained why she wouldn’t be wearing it the whole time this week, per Entertainment Tonight.

“I won’t be dressed in my costume the whole time, because I’d like more access to my physical reactions for the judging of the talent and the constructive criticism, but I always think it’s fun to start the show like that.”

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