Spoilers For 'General Hospital' Reveal That Michael & Willow Will Tie The Knot To Protect Wiley

The week of May 11 brings a development that General Hospital viewers have expected for some time now. After weeks of hedging, Michael Corinthos and Willow Tait will decide to get married.

Willow and Michael are good friends, but they are not in love with one another. They're doing this to try to defeat Nelle in the custody battle over Wiley, and that hearing is right around the corner.

As co-head writer Chris Van Etten tells Soap Opera Digest, Michael and Willow have considered how getting married could help in the battle against Nelle. However, they previously held back so they wouldn't hurt Sasha and Chase.

Chase and Sasha engineered trouble in their respective relationships specifically to free Michael and Willow from being afraid to hurt them in order to protect Wiley. Now, Willow and Michael will be able to openly discuss the idea of getting married.

"Michael has always trusted Willow in Wiley's life, far more than he has trusted many other people. In many ways, Michael has always viewed Willow as a perfect co-parent to his child," Van Etten explained.

Now that the relationships with Chase and Sasha are no longer obstacles, Michael will acknowledge that having Willow in Wiley's life will be good for the custody case and good for the little boy.

General Hospital spoilers tease that during Monday's show, Willow will ask Michael if he's really ready to marry someone who might never love him. Van Etten notes that the pair will approach getting married in a pragmatic way. Getting married to protect Wiley will seem just as legitimate a reason to tie the knot as anything that compels other pairs, even though there is no romance between them.

Michael and Willow will decide to proceed with getting married and they'll tell his family what they're planning. They'll be happy to step up and support them, and Sonny will bring Lucy in to officiate. Based on the teasers from SheKnows Soaps, it sounds as if this wedding will be thrown together quite quickly during Tuesday's show.

Apparently, Sasha will hear of the wedding when she learns Lucy is leading the ceremony, and it will hit her harder than she expected.

Sasha already told Chase that she figures that Willow will fall in love with Michael long before the truth about the fake affair can be revealed. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sasha will soon start to become rather self-destructive as she struggles through her heartbreak, and chances are good that Chase will struggle a great deal as well.

Will Michael and Willow fall for one another romantically, and how long will it take for it to happen? General Hospital spoilers suggest that the week ahead will be a big one in terms of this battle for Wiley, and Nelle has some plans of her own that could cancel out the value of this quickie wedding.