Pete Davidson Says He Is ‘Off Drugs’ And ‘So Bored’ While Quarantining With His Mom

Pete Davidson is keeping off drugs while in quarantine, but it’s led to a little bit of boredom. In a recent Instagram live chat with Judd Apatow, Davidson told the comedy director that fans had been very eager to help him get drugs if he wants them.

“I am still off of drugs and so bored. Oddly, after our video [chat last week], somebody rang my doorbell with a full duffel bag filled with drugs and said, ‘I’m in Bayonne, [New Jersey], if you ever need more,'” Davidson said during the chat, which took place on Thursday.

The Saturday Night Live star said that the bag had several weeks’ worth of drugs in it, but he decided to give them to his friend instead of using them himself.

“I haven’t heard from him since. It’s been about four days,” Davidson joked.

Apatow warned viewers that they should never accept drugs from strangers, but Davidson responded by pointing out that that’s where all drugs come from.

“I mean, like, when was the last time you got an eighth of weed from your grandma?” Davidson asked.

Apatow responded with a joke of his own.

“You don’t know my grandma. She’s from the jazz generation,” the Funny People director said.

Davidson further elaborated on his story during an appearance on The Tonight Show later on Thursday. In speaking with host Jimmy Fallon (as seen on YouTube), Davidson explained that a lady rang his doorbell and spoke with his mother. The woman told Davidson’s mother that she had heard Davidson needed the drugs.

Davidson then told those watching that they shouldn’t do that, because he’ll just turn around and sell them. He said that he’s been “trying” to stay sober in quarantine, before winking at the camera.

Davidson and Apatow are currently doing the first leg of press for their new film, The King of Staten Island, which Davidson stars in. Davidson is himself a native of Staten Island.

In the past, the comedian has been open about his use of medical marijuana as a pain reliever after he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease as a teenager. During a segment on SNL in 2017, the actor said that he’d spent $40,000 on rehab, Us Weekly reports.

In a separate segment two years later, Davidson said that he was going on “vacation” for a few weeks and that insurance would be covering part of it. In total, he said the “vacation” would cost $100,000, but in spite of the exorbitant cost, he would still have roommates.

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