Spoilers For Monday’s ‘General Hospital’: Nelle Asks Julian For Help Ahead Of Courtroom Battle With Michael

Chloe Lanier and Chad Duell play Nelle and Michael on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers hint that Nelle Benson may manage to make an ally out of Julian Jerome when it comes to her battle for Wiley against Michael Corinthos. Both Nelle and Michael are scrambling to gain an advantage over the other, and there are significant developments coming on this front during Monday’s show.

Michael and Willow will once again talk about the idea of getting married as a ploy to gain favor with the judge in the custody battle. The buzz is that they will move forward on that, but Nelle is not going to just leave things to fate. She is putting together a scheme of her own, and it looks like it will involve Julian.

The sneak peek for Monday’s episode reveals that Nelle will stop in at Charlie’s Pub to talk to Julian. She will tell him that she is ready to make him a generous offer that comes from the heart. Julian will look rather skeptical as he listens to her, as he should.

Recent General Hospital spoilers teased that Nelle would be pulling out an ace she has had up her sleeve. The scoop is that she will be looking to utilize somebody who has a contentious history with the Corinthos family, and she thinks this person can help her in this custody war.

As viewers know, and Nelle even acknowledged herself, she doesn’t exactly have many friends or allies. When this spoiler about an ace up her sleeve first emerged, the idea that she would coordinate some sort of plan with Valentin Cassadine seemed the most logical choice. However, now it is looking like it is Julian who will be involved in this.

Granted, Nelle and Julian are hardly on good terms. However, he does still have major secrets he is hiding about the baby swap and he does have a long, contentious history with the Corinthos crew.

As much as he dislikes Nelle, she may convince him or essentially blackmail him to help her in order to save himself. She doesn’t know everything regarding Julian’s connection to the baby swap drama, but the buzz is that she’s about to overhear a very revealing conversation involving Julian and Brook Lynn that gives her some much-needed ammunition.

Viewers will remember that Brook Lynn figured out that Julian had been involved and she used that to her advantage. It seems she may do that again when she needs help getting bailed out at the PCPD, and this baby swap drama could be her leverage again.

Now, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Julian will be facing pressure over his secrets from both Nelle and Brook Lynn in the days ahead. SheKnows Soaps notes that Julian will soon have to make a very difficult decision that has painful consequences for him, and it’s sounding as if this teaser refers to Nelle’s proposal.

Will Nelle perhaps pressure Julian to marry her to try to counter Michael and Willow’s marriage? It seems a stretch to think that idea would help her case, but she is at a pretty desperate point now.

At the very least, it seems that Nelle is about to put some serious pressure on Julian, and he may feel as if he has no choice but to cooperate. General Hospital spoilers hint that this custody battle is going to be a wild one with some crazy developments. Fans will see much of this play out in the coming week.