‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Willow Has A Big Question For Michael

Katelyn MacMullen and Chad Duell star together on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Fans of General Hospital will have to wait until Monday, May 11, to see the next new episode, but spoilers hint that it will be a big one. Emotions have been running high ever since Sasha and Chase faked their affair, and it appears that Willow and Michael will get serious about what comes next during this upcoming episode.

During Thursday’s show, Willow ran into Sasha and Michael and learned about the battle involving Chase and Brook Lynn at Sonny’s gym. As Finn checked out Sasha’s battered nose, they talked about the fake fling situation. Finn knows what Chase and Sasha did, and he’s urged both of them to come clean.

Sasha acknowledged that telling Michael and Willow the truth was probably the best thing she and Chase could do for themselves. However, she told Finn that it would be the worst thing they could do for Willow and Michael. Both Sasha and Chase believe that neither Willow or Michael could live with themselves if Nelle wins custody of Wiley, and there was something they could have done to prevent it.

The preview for Monday’s show indicates that Michael and Willow will meet and tackle this marriage possibility head-on. They have been dancing around this for a while, but neither of them pulled the trigger and proposed, following through on the idea. General Hospital spoilers suggest that’s about to change.

Willow will ask Michael if he could envision marrying someone who will probably never be in love with him. According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Willow will be considering her future during Monday’s show. That teaser certainly seems to sync with this question she has for Michael.

Michael looks like he is listening intently and considering her question seriously. It has previously been discussed that if Willow and Michael were to marry, they would have to keep up the ruse for quite some time.

If the two married and then dissolved the union right after winning custody of Wiley, Nelle would go racing back to the court. It seems likely that Michael will try to reassure Willow that he knows the reality of what they are thinking of doing and the ramifications it could have.

At this point, Willow and Michael are truly just friends. They have a deep bond, but they have never progressed to the point of having romantic feelings for one another. Viewers have always suspected that eventually, the two would fall for one another, and Sasha even acknowledged that very possibility in talking about the fake affair with Chase.

All signs point toward Michael and Willow going ahead and getting married very soon so they can try to beat Nelle in the custody battle. They are both going into this believing they are friends and Wiley’s protectors, heartbroken over Sasha and Chase’s betrayals. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that this dynamic will start to shift sooner rather than later.