'General Hospital' Spoilers: Carly Freaks Out Over Nelle Possibly Winning Custody Of Wiley

This week on General Hospital is the beginning of Wiley's custody hearing, and everyone is scrambling to prepare for it. While the outcome was seemingly weighing in Michael's favor since he appears to be the more stable parent, things are changing quickly. Even Carly is coming to a disturbing realization that Nelle could very well win full custody of her grandson and that will have her freaking out on Wednesday's episode.

After Carly's visit with Nina at Crimson on Tuesday, she is now worried that Nelle will manipulate the judge at the hearing. She is afraid that the judge will side with Wiley's mother, as she is seen telling Jax in the previews. Nina tried to convince Carly that maybe Nelle really does love her child and is trying to change for him. She told Carly that maybe they should give Nelle a chance and try to work something out between her and Michael concerning Wiley. Needless to say, that didn't go over well with Carly. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Nelle will be asking Nina to put in a good word for her at the hearing.

Nina is expected to respond on Wednesday's show, and fans are anxious to hear what her answer will be. As Carly suspected, it appears that Nelle has pulled on Nina's heartstrings and that may end up doing more harm than good for Nina, and possibly for Wiley.

Previous hints indicating that Nelle could be Nina's long lost daughter would definitely play a huge role in this scenario. Nina would then be fighting for her own grandson, just as Carly is. But in the meantime, Nina's plan to keep Nelle close could backfire on her.

There is no doubt that Carly's fear that Nelle will win custody of Wiley will prompt her to encourage Michael to do whatever it takes to beat her. That will seemingly have both Michael and Willow focusing on what needs to be done, as General Hospital spoilers tease this week.

Carly knows that Chase and Sasha made a huge sacrifice for the sake of Wiley. That means she will want her son to marry Willow if it means protecting Wiley from his mother. Spoilers say that she will admire Willow for what she is doing for the child that she loves, despite him not being her own.

There is plenty of drama coming on General Hospital leading up to the nuptials of Michael and Willow as well as the custody hearing for Wiley. Both Nina and Carly will seemingly play a big part in all of this as well.