Lauren Simpson Works Out Poolside In Purple Outfit That Emphasizes Her Killer Physique

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Lauren Simpson posted her latest workout video to Instagram on Wednesday, May 6. The video featured the fitness model working out poolside while the exercises targeted the lower body.

For the workout, Lauren wore an all-purple outfit that consisted of a sports bra and booty shorts. The top included thin spaghetti straps in a cross-over style on her upper back that left plenty of skin on display along her arms, back, and toned tummy. The shorts rose high on the model’s hips and featured a pinched design along her backside, emphasizing her sculpted booty. The shorts also exposed her long, chiseled legs.

Lauren went with a pair of white sneakers decorated with a multi-colored design for footwear and white socks that extended past her ankle. She wore her platinum blond hair in a low ponytail that trailed down her back all the way to her backside and tucked the loose strands behind her ear. She appeared to have made up her face with thick, black lashes and lip gloss.

The workout consisted of six individual exercises that worked the lower body. Lauren used dumbbells and a resistance band for equipment and switched up the location for her workout, trading her living room for a sunny backyard complete with a pool and plenty of green vegetation.

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LOWER BODY at home! ???????????????? - LIKE + SAVE + TAG a friend or anyone that needs more home workouts to do during this time.???? - To get results at home, remember the key is to keep consistent with your workouts, get really good at the basics, nail your form, perform exercises close to failure, be mindful of your calorie intake & goal, and rest & recover well. No magic - just hard work & consistency.???????? - WORKOUT: - A1) Double pause squat 4x 10-12. Pause at the bottom range & then half way. A2) Wide stance RDL 4x 10-12 A3) Curtsy lunge 4x 12-15 - B1) Banded staggered stance RDL 4x 10-12 B2) Standing banded abductions (supported) 4x 20. - FINISHER! C1) Lunges 3x 8x weighted, 8x body weight, 8x jump lunges. Perform all reps on one leg then switch to the other. - ENJOY! - Custom dumbbells thanks to @dumbbellsbydesign ???????? - - ⚡️Looking for a HOME WORKOUT program to start now????????? - Link in my bio @laurensimpson ♥️

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The first exercise in the circuit was the double pause squat. Lauren used both the resistance band and a single dumbbell for the move. In the second video, she demonstrated the wide stance RDL, bending over at the same time she lowered her body into a squat and held a dumbbell with both hands. The third exercise was the curtsy lunge, a variation on the standard lunge.

In the fourth video, Lauren performed a series of banded staggered stand RDLs, followed by standing banded abductions. She supported herself on a thin pole while going through the abductions. The final exercise in the set included three different types of lunges — the weighted lunge with dumbbells, the bodyweight lunge, and the jump lunge.

She began the caption by imparting a bit of wisdom, telling her trainees that the key is to keep consistent with workouts, get really good at the basics, nail their form, and make sure to rest and recover well, among a few other tips. Also in the caption, Lauren made sure to write out the exercises and include the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each. She left a few notes next to some of the exercises on how to correctly execute the move.

The lower body workout earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments from adoring fans within the first hour.