Andrew Cuomo Plotting To Steal Nomination From Joe Biden, Alleges Former Bill Clinton Adviser

During an interview that aired on Sunday, Bill Clinton‘s former adviser, Dick Morris, made an explosive allegation, reports The Washington Examiner.

Speaking on John Catsimatidis’ The Cats Roundtable radio show, Morris alleged that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is plotting to steal the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination from Joe Biden. Cuomo canceled the presidential primary race in his state because “he wants all the other states to follow and cancel their primaries,” Morris said.

Biden is the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, but he has not yet formally clinched the nomination. The former vice president is currently unopposed, but he needs 1,991 delegates to officially secure the nomination on the first ballot.

According to the former Clinton adviser, if other states cancel their primaries, Biden will not have the necessary number of delegates. In such a situation, the so-called superdelegates would be allowed to choose the presidential nominee. The superdelegates are under no obligation to respect the will of the people, which is why they could pick Cuomo.

“That way, Biden will not have a committed first-ballot majority. It will be perfectly possible for delegates to leave him and vote for Cuomo,” Morris said.

“That’s the motive behind Cuomo’s move,” he added.

The Democratic Party is “seriously” considering replacing Biden at the convention, according to Morris.

“I think they’re looking very seriously at Cuomo. It could be a last-minute thing at the convention,” the former Clinton adviser stated.

As The Washington Examiner notes, Morris is a Cuomo supporter and he has previously suggested that he would rather write in Cuomo’s name on his ballot than vote for Biden.

Per The Hill, the New York presidential primary was originally scheduled to take place on April 28. The election was then rescheduled for June 23. In late April, citing the coronavirus pandemic, New York Democrats officially canceled the race.

Cuomo has been praised for the way he is handling the coronavirus pandemic in New York, which led to speculation that the governor is interested in more than just managing his own state. Reports have alleged that Cuomo is interested in being Biden’s running mate.

The former vice president has promised to choose a female running mate, but Cuomo’s backers reportedly believe that he can be persuaded to pick the governor.

“The people that work for Andrew Cuomo are not wasting one second of the coronavirus. [They’re] talking Cuomo up to the bundlers in the hopes that they bring it back to Biden’s people,” an insider told The New York Post.

Similar rumors have circulated in conservative circles. In March, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson said that Biden will be replaced at the convention because Democrats believe he cannot beat President Donald Trump.

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