‘Deadpool’: After Completion, Activision Cuts 40 Employees

Activision gave 40 employees the axe after Deadpool was completed.

After the game about the merc with the mouth was finished today, Activision gave out 40 pink slips. It’s enough to make you wonder if Deadpool was lacking, or if Activision is just falling on hard times. We can only guess that the flagging economy is behind recent news such as all of the layoffs happening across the gaming industry, like at Square Enix, and Disney’s shutdown of LucasArts earlier today.

Even though 40 people have been cut from High Moon Studios, Activision’s Transformers titles are apparently not effected. War of Cybertron, Dark of the Moon, and Fall of Cybertron will still be developed as usual. We are guessing that the development for those games is for the DLC, since the games have been out for some time.

The employees Activision let go of today are being given the same treatment as those laid off in February. They are being given job placement assistance in order to get back on their feet as soon as possible, or just a transition to other jobs in the industry.

The game itself, Deadpool is a third-person brawler which focuses on guns and swords, where the main character regularly breaks the fourth wall, much like in the comic books. For the lay, the fourth wall is that barrier that keeps the character from interacting with the audience. If you’ve ever seen an actor in a sitcom just stare at the camera for a laugh, that’s breaking the fourth wall.

Deadpool was once horribly disfigured, and wears a mask to hide his face, but in the process his sense of humor gives him an outlet for his frustrations. His ability to heal like Wolverine gives him a sense of bravado, making him not care who he offends, because he will usually always be the last man standing.

Speculation arises as to why Activision waited until after the game was finished to cut 40 employees. Hopefully the game itself didn’t suffer for it. Deadpool is expected to come to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this summer.

How do you feel about Activision cutting 40 employees after finishing Deadpool?