8-Year-Old Suspended Multiple Times For ‘Foul Odor’

An 8-year-old has been suspended multiple times for a “foul odor.” The Tennessee girl has reportedly missed at least 24 days of school so far this year. School officials contend that the child smelled so bad it was offending her teachers and classmates.

The girl’s mother, Krystal Hensley, cannot understand as she says her daughter bathes daily. She states that her daughter has been suspended at least once a month since the beginning of the school year.

As reported by WJHL News, the Washington County school issued a statement about the suspensions. School officials state that the 8-year-old was suspended as the “foul odor” was disruptive. Teachers and classmates reportedly “can not focus on school activities” due to the smell. They contend that they have tried repeatedly to cooperate with the girl’s parents with no resolution.

Ron Dykes, Washington County Director of Schools, has stated that the majority of cases involving foul body odor are due to bad hygiene. Although he admits the problem can arise from a medical issue, it is rare.

The girl’s mother says her daughter takes a bath every day and is clean. She further states that her daughter does not have any medical problems that could contribute to the foul odor.

As reported by Washington Times, the Department of Children Services has been in contact with the family in the past. However, Molly Sudderth, Director of the DCS, has stated that all previous cases have been resolved.


The Washington County community has come together to try to help the little girl and her family. A local pediatrician has offered to check the child for medical issues, and school officials have agreed to discuss a resolution.

Whether it is lack of hygiene in the home or an undiagnosed issue, the child likely has little control over the problem.

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Until the problem is resolved by her parents or a doctor, the school has stated that the 8-year-old will be suspended as long as the foul odor is bad enough to disrupt others.