Plane Lavatories Will Shrink In Order To Save Space

Plane lavatories will soon start to shrink in order to save space and cut costs.

Although many complain that bathrooms on airplanes tend to be tiny as it is, many companies will soon roll out even smaller compartments.

Delta Airlines is the first company to order smaller restrooms for its planes. Other airlines are expected to shrink the size of the lavatories in the near future.

Florida-based manufacturer B/E Aerospace has designed bathrooms for airplanes that are smaller than the ones currently found on planes. The company is responsible for creating the new lavatories for the Boeing 737.

In order to keep its customers from throwing a fit over news of the smaller restrooms, Delta Airlines said in a statement that most folks probably won’t notice the difference. Most of the space removed from the toilets came from behind the sink.

The company also said people seated near the toilets will be able to recline their seats back thanks to the compartment’s new design. In other words, it’s not necessarily all bad.

Airlines who decide to shrink the size of lavatories on its planes might be able to squeeze a few more passengers during each flight as a result. Delta was able to install four new seats after installing the new bathrooms.


Plane Lavatories Shrink Delta Airlines

Those who spring for the pricier seats won’t be affected by the new bathrooms. The changes will only affect those in economy class. The plane lavatories apparently won’t shrink for those who can afford to fly comfortably.

As several airlines continue to struggle, many are looking for ways to maximum profits. Since the smaller bathrooms will allow for even more seats, the airlines can fit even more people on each flight. It’s believed other airlines will follow Delta’s example in the coming years.

How do you about Delta’s decision to shrink lavatories on its planes? Do you think the toilets are too small as it is?