Lisa Vanderpump Criticized Online As She Reunites With Daughter Pandora During Quarantine

Lisa Vanderpump is facing criticism after posting a new photo with her daughter, Pandora Vanderpump Sabo, while shelter-in-place orders remain in effect in California due to the coronavirus health pandemic.

In a new photo shared on Instagram, the wealthy restaurateur could be seen outside on her patio with her daughter as they drank wine. The casually dressed mom-daughter duo sat several feet away from each other — keeping a table between them — as five dogs lounged nearby.

In the caption to the post, Vanderpump, 59, joyously revealed that after “months” of isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, she had finally reunited with her daughter.

But while the photo documented a happy reunion between the Vanderpump Rules star and her child, not everyone praised the pic. Several commenters blasted the SUR owner for not following proper social distancing protocols during the lockdown.

“Aren’t we supposed to still be self-isolating?” one follower asked.

“California hasn’t lifted shelter in place…she shouldn’t be visiting you,” another wrote to Lisa.”You are high risk…age/smoke. Very disappointing you [sic] promoting this on social media. Ignorant…just keep it to yourself if you are breaking rules!”

In Los Angeles County, where Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills mansion is located, residents are required to stay home except to get food, care for a relative or friend, obtain necessary health care, or go to a job that is deemed “essential,” according to ABC News. Those who go out must keep at least six feet apart from other people.

Vanderpump did get support from other fans who saw nothing wrong with a mother and daughter having a much-needed visit together, despite the fact that they have been living in separate homes during the health pandemic.

“They can do what they want,” one fan wrote of Lisa and Pandora. “They are mother and daughter. And sitting across from each other. Sometimes you just need to see your people!”

“At no time has the government said ‘you are not allowed to see your family,'” another fan added. “It’s up to each person, each family to decide how they do things during this time… I’m happy Lisa & her daughter got to see each other & be together.”

Others noted that Vanderpump allowing one person into her home – especially a family member – is not nearly as scary as seeing the hundreds of people descending on the beaches.

This new photo comes days after the reality star announced her new wine launch. She posted a family photo earlier this week that included her husband Ken Todd, daughter Pandora, and son-in-law Jason Sabo as they toasted their new California-grown chardonnay and cabernet. Vanderpump’s son, Max, was missing from the pic, as he is currently in Idaho helping special needs children during the health pandemic.

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