Late Term Abortion Ban Ignored, China Forces Lethal Injection Of Babies

A late-term abortion ban was ignored in China, with officials forcing the death of an unborn seven month old boy.

As reported by The Inquisitr, a woman sued an abortion clinic after giving birth to a “miracle baby” that survived a failed abortion. Various states in the United States are considering laws that would limit late term abortions.

For example, North Dakota recently defined life as starting at conception. North Dakota lawmakers also put into action a 6-week abortion ban. In Florida, even post-birth abortions were debated, with Planned Parenthood saying that a failed abortion, where the baby is born successfully, should not require abortion doctors to provide medical care.

A graphic photograph currently circulating on China’s social media platforms reveal that a seven-month-old male fetus was forcefully aborted on Friday, March 22, proving that China has yet to enforce its recently implemented ban on late term abortions.

Brian Lee, executive director of All Girls Allowed, an organization that fights to end China’s female infanticide, said he hopes the international media will work to pressure China regarding its continued practice of late-term abortions:

“The international media has an excellent opportunity to expose this case and remind the Chinese government that the world is watching.”

Other critics contend that the Chinese government’s claim to ban late term abortions was just a facade to end international pressure. In September, the Women’s Rights Without Frontiers activist group argued that China was claiming to implement the forced abortion ban simply to take the international pressure off of the government:

“WRWF (Women’s Rights Without Frontiers) agrees that pressure is mounting to end forced abortion in China. However, to announce that the Chinese government has already banned it is, in our opinion, premature and inaccurate.”

Since the 1970s, China has implemented its One Child Policy, which restricts urban couples to only having one child in an attempt to maintain population control. Expensive fines for over-quota children total up to $4.4 billion a year, with the poor being effected more since they have trouble affording the fine compared to the rich, who generally ignore the policy.

Multiple reports indicate that this One Child Policy poses grievous consequences for women forced to endure late term abortions against their will, with the victims suffering both emotional and physical trauma. Yang Yuzhi of Henan committed suicide inside a Family Planning Office after two botched forced sterilizations were forced upon her by the Family Planning Commission.

What do think about China forcing late term abortions on unwilling mothers?