Princess A Suspect In First Corruption And Fraud Case Against A Spain Royal

A princess is a suspect in the first ever corruption and fraud case against a royal of Spain. Princess Cristina is one of King Juan Carlo’s three children and she has been called in for questioning at a court in Palma de Mallorca.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Princess Cristina is not the only royal that has been getting into interesting situations. In the case of the Princess Diana, we find out years later that Freddie Mercury smuggled a cross-dressing Princess Diana into a gay club, although obviously that’s not against the law.

Princess Cristina’s husband, Inaki Urdangarin, and his former business partner, Diego Torres, are being accused of funneling about 5 million euros ($6.41 million) in public funds to companies they controlled. The two channeled the money through a non-profit company called Noos Institute in which Princess Cristina was a board member.

The princess is a suspect in the fraud and corruption case because there is evidence Princess Cristina was aware her husband had used her name and status in his dealings, and that she benefited from all the deals. As such, the princess is a suspect as a potential accomplice.

The judge set a joint bail of 8.2 million euros, or almost $10.5 million, for Urdangarin and Torres and said the two “ignored the rules of public contracting as long as they achieved their aim, which was no other than to divert public funds for their own benefit or that of others.” The bail was not paid so their property and other assets are being frozen.

Jan Martinez Ahrens, deputy editor of El Pais, says, “This is the toughest blow the royal family has received within the last few years, or ever since I can remember.”

What do you think about the Spanish court naming a princess a suspect in the corruption case against Inaki Urdangarin and Diego Torres?