Justin Bieber Has Until End Of Month To Reclaim His Monkey

Justin Bieber must reclaim his monkey Mally by the end of the month if he hopes to keep the pet. German officials on Wednesday publicly announced that Bieber only has four weeks to pick up his quarantined pet monkey.

According to officials Justin Bieber has made no attempt to bring his pet monkey back into his own possession.

The 14-week-old capuchin monkey was taken from Bieber last week when his jet landed in Munich, Germany. Bieber did not have his monkey’s possession papers on him during a customs inspection.’

German customs officials took Mally from Bieber and placed the monkey in required quarantine. In order to be released, Bieber must submit health papers that would allow for Mally’s release.

After Mally was quarantined Justin Bieber left the city for shows in Vienna, Berlin, and Hamburg. Justin Bieber has not commented on the situation or acknowledged that Mally would be placed in permanent care if he failed to meet the 4-week deadline.

In the meantime Bieber’s monkey is being taken care of. Karl-Heinz Joachim, from Munich’s main animal sanctuary tells Spiegel Online: “The monkey is cheerful and is eating well and has his replacement mummy [a toy cat] with it all the time.”

Joachim adds, “[The monkey was] apparently taken away from its mother when it was between nine and 10 weeks old. This is much too early … Those who were looking after it should have known.”

Bieber and his representatives have failed to contact the animal sanctuary. Several zoos have already offered to give Mally a new home should the singer decide to abandon his responsibilities.

Justin recently told US Weekly that he is misperceived by the media and wants to be a role model for young people. Perhaps now would be a good time for Justin Bieber to stand behind his own comments.

[Image via: Wikimedia Commons]