‘The Walking Dead’ Easter Zombies Featured In Texas Church Sermon Series

Easter zombies from the The Walking Dead were featured in a Texas church sermon series.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the season three finale for The Walking Dead had record high ratings. This is despite the The Walking Dead finale killing off a large number of characters.

As American entertainment continues to delve into television and books featuring zombies, one Texas church opted to have a sermon series with themes about the undead. CrossPoint Community Church of Katy is featuring a message series entitled “CrossPoint vs. Zombies.”

Frank Hart, director of creative arts for CrossPoint says The Walking Dead zombies were a big inspiration for the sermon series:

“The zombie series basically comes from two big ideas; the first is that zombie fiction is a huge cultural thing right now. From video games to The Walking Dead TV series, people can’t get enough human flesh eating monsters.

“Resurrection of the dead is a major Christian theme, and so is the idea of mankind being dead until we are made alive in Christ. Paul even says in Ephesians chapter two that we were dead in the trespasses in which we once walked. Walking Dead.”

The first of the sermon series focused on “how we live in a culture of death” and “tied the idea of killing zombies with the mission of sharing the life that is found in Christ with people.”

“In week two we proposed that if we do not feed on Christ and find our life in Him, then we will feed on each other and destroy people,” Frank Hart said. “Like any metaphor, it breaks down at some point and becomes silly. When it stops helping … then it’s time to move on. Some have said that it is merely sensationalism. Others have said that lacks biblical depth. I believe that all of these accusations are untrue.”

What do you think about this Texas church incorporating The Walking Dead zombies into its Easter sermon series?