Justin Timberlake & Wife Jessica Biel Share Hilarious Dog Alter Egos With Instagram

Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel shared two hilarious dog alter ego photos with Instagram as the couple tries to find ways to keep themselves entertained during the coronavirus pandemic. The Limetown actress shared her hilarious doppelganger with the social media site, followed by her handsome husband, a former member of the 1990s hit boy band ‘NSYNC.

In the share, Jessica was stone-faced as she held up a photo of an Irish Setter. The dog is looking at the camera proudly in the photo, and Jessica tried to copy its facial expression. The actress’s long, brownish-blond hair is loose and straight in the image, with a slight curl at the bottom to mimic the fur at the bottom of the dog’s floppy ears. Jessica is sans makeup; her chiseled features prominently displayed.


Jessica is wearing an oatmeal-colored sweater in the pic over a black-and-white striped shirt. The close-up pic was taken in a room at the couple’s home in Hollywood Hills, California. A light blue paint dominates the area, with white trim seen around the door frames in the pic.

In the next photo, Justin is holding up a photo of what appears to be a boxer breed of dog. Justin is mimicking the pose of the dog as he places the pic alongside his face. The black and tan colors of the pup are copied by the singer and songwriter via his black shirt. Justin’s serious expression makes the photo even more hilarious.


Justin appears to have taken the photo in the same room as his wife of eight years as they quarantine together with their 5-year-old son Silas. Jessica shared in the caption of the image that she didn’t even know what day it was due to the monotony of remaining in self-quarantine with her family.


Fans of the longtime couple found the pics to be a cute way to pass the time and shared their feelings regarding their doppelgangers in the comments section of the share.

“You guys are so cute,” remarked one fan.

“Too funny! The days are one big blur here too! 101 Dalmatians inspired! You know all people and their dogs resemble each other,” stated a second follower of the actress.

“Quarantine goals! I’m going to make this a new challenge and proceeds can go to animals in need,” said a third fan with a lofty goal to further expand on the couple’s Instagram fun.