Jessica Biel Seen Laughing & Cuddling With Justin Timberlake In Sweet Birthday Post

Jessica Biel was seen laughing and cuddling with her husband, Justin Timberlake, in a sweet birthday post she shared with Instagram. The actress looked happy and relaxed in the pics, which featured some public displays of affection between the couple who will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary in October.

In the first image, Jessica is seen wearing silky pajamas while her handsome husband presents her with a huge birthday cake. The confection appears to be almost one-foot high and covered in creamy white frosting swirled into soft peaks. Atop the cake, written in a pink script, are the words “Happy Birthday Jessica.”

In the first photo, Jessica is laughing and wearing her comfy nightwear while Justin, in a tie-dyed shirt, places the stunning treat on the table which features a stunning floral arrangement at its center. There are also some water glasses, wine glasses, and candles on the table as well.

The tall cake has only three candles in descending size on top of it.

It appears that the family dessert was held on a patio overlooking a pool area in the couple’s home. The stunning indoor and outdoor area is backlit with blue light, creating a serene scene as a backdrop for the actress’ birthday festivities.

Lush foliage borders the pool area, and a set of string lights is seen in the top right-hand corner of the photo. Several lounge chairs and a pool umbrella are located near the pool.

In the caption to the upload, Jessica said that she made her superstar husband promise not to sing “Happy Birthday” to her, so he improvised which created the happy reaction in the first photo.

In the second pic, Justin is seen cuddling his wife, who is seated. He is standing above her while she leans into his chest in an intimate display of affection.

The third pic features the couple clapping. Jessica’s head is thrown back and a big smile is on her face. The couple’s only son, Silas, is not seen in the sweet pics.

Fans appeared to love the display of love between the couple. The post has been liked over 309,000 times thus far.

First to comment was Justin, who posted the following message to his stunning wife.

“I LOVE YOU!!! Happy Bday, you beautiful, loving, caring, wonderful fox of a mom and wife!!!” he shared.

“I love the way y’all look at each other! Truly one of my favorite couples!” said a fan of the twosome.

“Aww glad you celebrated your way!” said a second supporter.