Nervous Doctor Botched Heart Surgery That Led To Kim Jong Un’s Rumored Death, Reports Claim

New details have reportedly emerged about the medical mishap that led to Kim Jong Un‘s rumored death, with news outlets claiming it was the mistake of a “nervous” doctor during heart surgery that left the North Korean leader in a vegetative state.

Various reports have claimed that the North Korean leader has died following the surgical procedure that left initially him in a coma and a vegetative state. Though the North Korean government has yet to confirm any reports or make any kind of official statement about Kim’s health, a number of international news outlets are reporting that he has already passed away.

A report from the Korean news website Daum is shedding new light on exactly how Kim’s health took a turn during the surgery. The National Interest reported on a translated version of this news story, which shared details of the heart surgery that Kim reportedly underwent after a sudden downturn in his health.

The report claimed that Kim was having a stent inserted in his heart, but the procedure did not go as planned.

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“According to the account, Kim had to have a stent inserted into his artery, but the doctor in charge was ‘nervous’ and took ten minutes to complete the procedure. The delay caused Kim to collapse into a vegetative state,” the report noted.

Other outlets seem to have confirmed that story. As Business Today reported, news outlets reporting on Kim’s health seem in agreement that his condition was caused by a delay during the surgery when a doctor had difficulty completing the procedure. Further attempts to correct the mistake were not successful, the report said.

“Another report has claimed while attributing Senior Communist Party sources in Beijing, that the team was dispatched after a failed heart surgery on Kim but had arrived too late to save the North Korean leader,” the report noted. “Another version says that a simple stent insertion procedure went wrong because the doctor’s hands were shaking heavily, according to the news website.”

The Daum report, like a number of others from South Korean and Chinese media outlets, claimed that Kim collapsed while making a visit to a site. Some reports claimed that he clutched his chest, indicating a possible heart attack. It was not clear exactly when this took place, but speculation about his health has swirled for weeks after Kim was not seen at a ceremony marking the anniversary of the birth of his grandfather, the country’s founding father.

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