Amid Reports Of Kim Jong-Un’s Dire Health, China Reportedly Sends Medical Team To Check On Him

After mixed reports on the health of Kim Jong-Un, China has reportedly sent a medical team to North Korea to check on the country’s leader.

As the Guardian reported, the team of doctors and officials traveled to North Korea after conflicting reports on his health, with some outlets claiming that he was in grave health following a cardiovascular procedure and others saying that he was not in immediate danger. The team reportedly included a senior member of China’s Community Party’s international liaison department, who left Beijing for North Korea on Thursday.

This came after a number of American news outlets reported that Kim was in critical condition following the medical procedure. CNN senior reporter Jim Sciutto tweeted on Monday that he was in “grave danger” following the surgical procedure. Reuters also reported that there had been rising speculation about the North Korean leader’s health after he was not present at an event marking the anniversary of the birthday of his grandfather, who is seen as North Korea’s founding father. Kim was also not present at a military exercise to mark the anniversary, an event he rarely misses.

But South Korean government officials and a Chinese official challenged these reports, the Guardian noted. Officials in the South Korean government also said they detected no unusual activity from their northern neighbor, which likely would not have been the case if Kim were in grave danger or dead.

American President Donald Trump also downplayed the reports, saying he believed they were “incorrect” and that he was wishing the best for the North Korean leader.

The mystery of Kim Jong-Un’s health has been compounded by the secrecy of the North Korean government, especially when it comes to the health of its leaders. As the Guardian report noted, some believed that the country would soon schedule a public appearance for Kim to put the rumors to rest.

“On Friday a South Korean source told Reuters their intelligence was that Kim was alive and would likely make an appearance soon. The person said he did not have any comment on Kim’s current condition or any Chinese involvement,” the report noted.

“An official familiar with US intelligence said that Kim was known to have health problems but they had no reason to conclude he was seriously ill or unable eventually to reappear in public.”

As The Inquisitr reported, there is no clear line of succession for the North Korean leadership if Kim were to die.

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