‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Molly & Brando Have An Awkward Encounter

The week of April 27 on General Hospital will continue the storyline of the tangled love triangle between Molly, TJ, and Brando Corbin. The youngest Davis girl got herself in a major pickle when she unexpectedly slept with Brando after she thought that TJ had dumped her. Now that he is back, she is doing some major scrambling. On Monday, Molly and Brando will end up in an awkward conversation outside of Charlie’s.

The new preview for Monday’s General Hospital shows Brando standing outside of the pub after chatting it up with Sam and Kristina. Molly confronts him on why he is talking to her sisters. He had no idea that they were her siblings. Molly is on edge, not wanting their one night stand to get out, especially to TJ. She jumps all over Brando, thinking that he told them that they slept together. He assures her that he doesn’t talk to anyone about his private life. They both admit how awkward it has been for them since that night.

Brando also asks about TJ. Molly explains how he was abducted and she admits how much she loves him. She apologizes for not being honest with him from the beginning. He agrees that what happened that night will stay just between them.

However, Sam appears to be going into detective mode. She walks up to the twosome as they are chatting. Sam asks if they know each other. The preview stops there, but it seems likely that Molly will make something up to throw her off track.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Molly will eventually be confessing to Sam and Kristina that she cheated on TJ after he proposed and she thought he was gone for good. They will be very surprised by her actions. She has always been the more levelheaded Davis girl, and this is not like her at all. It’s not clear whether she will actually name Brando as the one she cheated with, but it looks like she may not confess that part.

If Molly should keep mum about it being Brando that she slept with, Sam will likely be suspicious after she saw them outside talking. More General Hospital spoilers for the following week say that Brando will become suspicious of Sam. What is that all about?

It’s clear that Sam is not a fan of Brando and doesn’t trust him, despite Jason giving his approval of the new guy. She will likely put the pieces together and realize just who Molly was with and blast him for taking advantage of her sister.

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