‘House Of Cards’ Coming To Blu-Ray, DVD This June

The hit Netflix series House of Cards is expected to arrive on home video this summer.

The political drama casts Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood, a man who begins a complex and complicated scheme to exact revenge on those who passed him over for Secretary of State. The Netflix exclusive proved to be quite popular with those who subscribe to the company’s streaming service.

While House of Cards was originally released on Netflix, the series will soon make the jump to home video. Fans of the show will be able to pick up the entire first season on either DVD or Blu-ray. However, owning the series could prove to be a little costly.

The Blu-ray edition of the drama will carry a suggested retail price of $65.99. The DVD version of the series isn’t much cheaper; fans can expect to drop around $55.99 for this particular set. Although it’s likely to be offered for less on various websites, the first season will still set you pack a pretty penny.

Although Deadline originally reported that Amazon had listed the House of Cards home video release date as June 11, this has since been removed from the retailer’s website. However, the company still has the sets available for pre-order. Sony Picture Entertainment will handle distribution.

No official announcement about the show’s arrival on Blu-ray and DVD has been made as of this writing. While it’s believed the series could arrive on physical media this summer, the date is subject to change at any moment.

House Of Cards Sony Pictures Entertainment

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was quick to point out that Netflix isn’t shifting its focus primarily to original content. He explained that the streaming service will be primarily used for movies and television shows licensed from studios. However, he admitted that House of Cards was a “great start.”

“I don’t want you guys to think that suddenly we’re the original content company,” he told investors in February. “It’s phenomenally successful for us, but it’s not the center of the company.”

Are you a fan of the Netflix series House of Cards? Will you pick up the first season when it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD?