Chris Hemsworth Says His Wife Doesn’t Like His Thor Hammer To Be In The House

Chris Hemsworth has taken pains to collect memorabilia from all of the Marvel films he’s made. In an interview with People, the actor said that he had taken home Stormbreaker, one of the legendary hammers that Thor uses in Avengers: Infinity War.

“I usually take one of the weapons [from] each film. I’ve got it in a sort of TV lounge room,” Hemsworth said.

Hemsworth also said that his wife, Elsa Pataky, is not the biggest fan of his collection of fake weaponry.

“It gets delegated and moved to the garage quite often and then it finds its way back out over the mantelpiece and my wife’s like, ‘Why?’ And I was like, ‘The kids did it, the kids did it.’ It’s a constant negotiation,” Hemsworth told the magazine.

Hemsworth has three children with Pataky, and the actor said that his kids don’t mind having the hammer around at all.

“They’re pretty heavy, so they try to pick it up and they’re like, ‘Dad, look, I can lift the hammer,’ and then put it back down,” the In the Heart of the Sea actor said.

Hemsworth is currently promoting his latest film, Extraction, which debuts on Netflix on Friday. In the movie, he plays a black-market mercenary who’s hired to rescue the son of an international crime lord.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph (via the Daily Mail), Hemsworth also discussed his decision to move his family back to Australia after he and Pataky decided that Hollywood was too overwhelming for their family. He said that one of the benefits of being in Australia is that almost no one he interacts with there is in the movie business. The actor also said that he’s excited to take a break from working following a string of incredibly successful projects.

While many of the original members of the Marvel universe have stepped away from their roles following Avengers: Endgame, Hemsworth has agreed to continue playing Thor — at least through Thor: Love and Thunder.

In discussing the fourth Thor film with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Hemsworth said that the script was one of the best he’d ever read. He also said that director Taika Waititi had taken things to a new level for the sequel, which he thought was a good thing. The movie will be the first thing that Hemsworth films after social distancing guidelines are eased. Hemsworth said that if the version he’s read is the one that gets made, the film will be “pretty insane.”

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