‘Summer House’ Stars Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula Are Hoping For A Season 5 Even If It’s ‘Quarantine’ Style

Karolina WojtasikBravo

Summer House stars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula are hoping to shoot the fifth season of the Bravo reality show this summer.

In a new interview, the engaged canned cocktail connoisseurs said they have not yet been told if the Hamptons-based series will be picked up for another season this summer, and the coronavirus health pandemic certainly isn’t helping speed up the announcement.

Kyle told Entertainment Tonight the cast is “very hopeful” a new season will take place in the wake of record-high ratings for Season 4.

While Amanda noted the Summer House cast “never” finds out about a pickup until the last minute, she says the group already has ideas on how it could happen even if shelter-in-place orders remain in effect into June.

“It’s like, let’s do this Big Brother-style,” Amanda said, referencing CBS’ annual summertime show. “Let’s just throw us all in the house.”

Kyle added that if there is one show on Bravo that can actually pull off a quarantine-based version, it’s probably a Quarantine House version of Summer House. The Bravo veteran said if the cast members were documented as full-timers, they could film a new season in as little as three weeks.

Summer House usually documents the castmates as weekenders who make the three-hour trip into the Hamptons after working in New York City all week. It would be a very different dynamic to see them all living together Monday through Friday.

Featured image credit: Matthew Eisman

As for the potential Season 5 cast, Kyle and Amanda noted that life changes could affect who makes the cut.

“Maybe Carl [Radke] picks up a new girlfriend in quarantine,” Amanda said.

In addition to Kyle, Amanda, and Carl, the current cast of Summer House includes Paige DeSorbo, Hannah Berner, Jules Daoud, and Luke Gulbranson. Regular visitors to the Hamptons house include Danielle Olivera and Jordan Verroi.

Earlier this month, fellow star Hannah was also asked how she thinks the health pandemic might affect production for this year’s edition of Summer House.

“We don’t even know if we’re renewed yet,” she told People. “As of right now, there are no updates as of yet in terms of production or timing. But we’re crossing our fingers.”

Summer House is in the same boat as several other reality shows that usually film in the summer. There has been no word if other summertime shows like ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise or CBS’ Big Brother will resume production this summer amid the ongoing health crisis.