Barbie Goes Without Makeup In Viral Photo

Ever wonder what Barbie would look like without makeup? Graphic artist Eddi Aguirre took an image of the doll and stripped it of mascara, eyeshadow and foundation.

And the result wasn’t too pretty. At least by Barbie’s standards.

The natural looking Barbie has acne, bags under her eyes, frizzy hair, and apparently when Barbie takes off her make-up she also gets braces.

Aguirre writes on his website (translated with the help of Google): “Image used for a special makeup for the new magazine, Barbie shows before and after makeup (no one is perfect or perfect).”

Of course, this isn’t the first attempt to humanize Barbie.

According to Opposing Views, if Barbie was a real person her body proportions would be a little, well, out of proportion. She’d stand at about 6 feet tall, have a 39 inch bust, an 18 inch waist and 33 inch hips.

A real-life Barbie may not have real-life measurements but that didn’t stop Valeria Lukyanova from becoming a human doll.

Lukyanova became an internet sensation last year when several photos showed up online. (You can see more photos of the real life Barbie doll here.)

Here is what a real-life person looks like with a bunch of makeup on.

human barbie doll

And for comparison, here’s what a plastic Barbie doll looks like without any makeup on.

barbie without makeup

How do you think Barbie looks like without makeup?

This isn’t the only dose of reality to hit the Mattel world recently. The toy company recently announced that Barbie was putting her Dream House up for sale.