Brandi Glanville Reveals Which ‘RHOBH’ Stars Are Friends, Says ‘It Happened’ When Asked About Denise Richards

JC OliveraGetty Images

Brandi Glanville appeared on an Instagram Live chat last night with BP Major and during their chat, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member addressed a number of questions from her fans and followers about the show and her relationships with her co-stars.

After telling her audience that she wasn’t sure whether or not she would be featured on tonight’s new episode of Season 10 because Bravo is known to air things out of order at times, Glanville said that there was a lot of issues that happened between the cast before her drama with Denise Richards erupted.

“There’s way more drama prior to that,” she confirmed on Tuesday, April 21.

According to Glanville, she knows what she signed up for when it comes to her role on the Bravo reality series and said that if it were up to her, she would be perfectly fine confronting Richards about the drama between them, which comes amid claims of an alleged affair, because Richards is her co-worker and it is her job to be honest.

During a sneak peek at the upcoming episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10, Richards was seen yelling, “Bravo, Bravo,” which has since been confirmed as a secret signal to stop filming. In response to the bizarre moment, Glanville confirmed that she has seen cast members use the phrase in the past but has never done so herself.

“If you sign up for reality TV, you have to do it. I would confront Denise right now. These are co-workers,” she explained.

As for which of her co-stars she is currently in touch with, Glanville said there a lot who she considers friends, including Kim and Kyle Richards, who she talks to frequently, and Lisa Rinna, who is also a friend.

Later on in the chat, when Glanville was asked to tease the upcoming drama between her and Richards, she said, “Yeah, it happened.”

As The Inquisitr reported last month, Glanville appeared on Danny Pellegrino’s Everything Iconic podcast, where she addressed her claims against Richards and confirmed that she received a letter of cease and desist from her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star.

“I’m gonna just not talk about it until I have to,” she explained, according to a transcript shared by Reality Blurb.

Then, when Glanville was asked about where she and Richards stood at that point in time, Glanville made a seemingly crude joke, saying that they are definitely “standing” and “not laying down anywhere” before insisting that she didn’t lie about a thing.