Man Tries To Pay Cab Fare In Weed With Police Present, Surprisingly Arrested

Old City, PA – A 23-year-old man has been arrested after attempting to pay a cab fare with marijuana. Better still? His offer was conducted in the full presence of police officers.

Michael Medvec took a cab ride in Old City, Philadelphia on Friday night, but while in the taxi realized he lacked the funds to pay. Upon reaching his destination, Medvec offered to fetch the $8 fare for the cabbie, leaving his phone to assure the driver he’d be back.

While Medvec was finding something he could use to cover his fare, two police officers had stopped by the taxi, which was double parked. When Medvec returned and saw the cops, he boldly told the officers, “You have to leave.”

When that didn’t work, the cabbie offered to waive the fare, which is when Medvic produced a bag of weed and offered it as payment.

“The cops were only a couple of feet away,” Sixth District Capt. Brian Korn told “The cab driver didn’t want any part of it.”

Though not a serious crime, the officers (who, amazingly, hadn’t instantly left upon Medvec’s command) arrested Medvec and slapped him with a charge for marijuana possession. Korn, who said the case was unlike anything else he’d seen in 33 years on the force, added:

“It’s right there in their presence. They can’t ignore it. You do something silly, you need to get spanked a little.”

Medvec was released on his own recognizance Saturday, and appeared in court for a status hearing on Monday.