'General Hospital' Fans React To Robert Receiving The Heartbreaking News Regarding Holly's Death

Fans of General Hospital now know what the somber news was that Robert Scorpio was set to receive this week. It also appears that viewers have learned what the distraction was that Peter August orchestrated to distract Robert for a while.

At the end of Monday's show, Robert arrived at Anna's and was visibly shaken as he told her that Holly was dead. Anna, thoroughly stunned, embraced him to lend her support.

While it has been a while since the character of Holly Sutton was front-and-center in Port Charles, she has been a core General Hospital character in the show's history. As Soap Central notes, Holly and Robert were married decades ago and she was also involved with Luke Spencer at one time. Luke and Holly had a son, Ethan Lovett, and fans last saw her on-screen in 2015.

For the show to kill Holly off is a pretty big deal and fans had a lot to say about this. Not only did the writers kill off an old-school character out of nowhere, but it was also done at the direction of a character many don't like as it is.

"Peter has killed Drew and Holly. Played a role in Nathan dying. Attempted to kill Franco and Andre. Kept Jason for 5 years. Taken Drew's memories. Ruined JaSam's life. Can he go already @valentinifrank?" questioned one viewer.

"Can next week just be a big reveal with Holly, AJ, Drew, and Taggert hanging out together drinking cocktails with umbrellas on an island (off the coast of Bolivia?) somewhere? (I still wouldn't accept Peter, to be clear, but if someone more interesting had staged this...)," tossed out another annoyed General Hospital fan.

Fans have already speculated that Holly might not actually be dead. It does seem that this Holly bombshell is what Peter was making phone calls about in his effort to get Robert off his back. However, so far, it's not known if Holly is truly dead or if Peter is just making it seem like it to cause chaos with Robert.

"The bright side of Peter killing Holly: 1 - Moving quickly into unredeemable territory. Yes others have done worse. But the shift seems deliberate to write him into a corner so he might be killed off soon. 2 - for those that care about Holly, death means nothing anymore," detailed someone else.

The sneak peek for Tuesday's show doesn't reveal anything more about this shocker, and neither do any General Hospital spoilers available via SheKnows Soaps. This certainly seems like a significant risk on Peter's part, whether Holly really is dead or not.

Holly's supposed death may distract Robert for now, but it won't get him off Peter's trail permanently. Eventually, Robert will probably make the connection that Peter was involved in this. Then, Robert will be all the more determined to expose Peter, even if Anna's trying to protect him.

Using Holly's death as a tool to distract Robert certainly has caught everybody's attention. Fans are not at all happy about it, even if they suspect that Peter is setting things up to look this way rather than having had her killed for real.

Either way, General Hospital fans tend to be critical of the character of Peter as it is and this isn't going to help. Will this be a step too far, paving the way for Peter's eventual destruction once and for all? Viewers might be willing to lose Holly for the sake of getting rid of Peter, but they certainly aren't happy about it.