'The Young And The Restless' Star Elizabeth Hendrickson Takes New Baby On An Outing With Two Truths & A Lie

The Young and the Restless star and new mom Elizabeth Hendrickson, who portrays Chloe on the show, managed to get out of the house social distancing style amid the coronavirus pandemic. In her post, she wrote two truths and a lie, leaving fans wondering which statement was untrue.

The Inquisitr reported that Hendrickson gave birth to her little girl, Josephine James, in late March. Over the weekend, the new mom bundled up her newborn in a stylish pram and took a walk. Henrickson dressed for the occasion with a black pullover, black workout leggings, and black tennis shoes with no-show socks. She accessorized with a cute black cap that sat atop her highlighted hair, which hung in waves over her shoulders. The new mom also wore a matching black face mask, which is among the CDC's recommendations for public wear to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the photo, Hendrickson leaned against a railing on a bridge that spanned a canal. In her hand, she held a brown bottle of something to drink, and her other hand was on the baby's stroller. The caption noted that it was her first drink in more than 10 months, her baby is sleeping like an angel, and she forgot to set the brake on the stroller, which nearly led to the baby falling into the canal. Of those three statements, one was a lie, and the actress's fans appeared to appreciate the fun little game she'd created. More than 4,100 Instagram users hit the "like" button in support of the new mom, and nearly 150 also dropped a comment with a few guessing which statement wasn't true.

"Hopefully, you not hitting lock on the stroller was the lie," joked one follower.

"Oh yeah, which is the lie. I have an idea it's the one about sleeping," replied a second Instagramer who seemed to have some experience with babies and sleeping.

"Yikes. It happens. I dropped my kiddo on the nightstand on day 3 when I fell asleep from exhaustion while breastfeeding. Moms are warriors, I tell you!" commiserated a third follower.

"Well, you look great for just giving birth not to long ago. Your little girl is beautiful from the pictures you posted on your IG. Stay safe out there, Xo Mandy," a fourth person praised, including clapping and heart emoji.

This week on Y&R, Hendrickson's on-screen alter ego will enjoy a baby shower since she hasn't given birth yet on the show. Chloe and Kevin (Greg Rikaart) are expecting a little boy, so life will not entirely imitate art in this case.