Halle Berry’s Fiance Allegedly Assaults Paparazzo At LAX

French actor Olivier Martinez, more commonly known as Halle’s Berry’s fiance, is alleged to have attacked a paparazzo at LAX airport on April 1.

Reportedly, as Martinez, Berry, and her five-year-old daughter Nahla, returned from their trip to Hawaii, they were surrounded by paparazzi while descending the terminal escalator.

At one point in the mayhem, Berry allegedly told the photographers, “Get away there’s a child,” as the trio attempted to escape the circling shutterbugs.

Eyewitnesses claim Martinez then assaulted one persistent paparazzo, kicking him in the leg and wrist as multiple flashbulbs went off in the 47-year-old’s face.

The photographer reportedly grabbed the S.W.A.T actor as he was leaving the airport and asked why he kicked him.

Allegedly, Martinez proceeded to escort Berry and Nahla to their waiting SUV then walked back into the airport and kicked the same paparazzo again.

It’s not known how far the alleged attack would have gone, because Berry was reportedly able to persuade her brawling partner to stop and get back in their cruiser.

An ambulance and airport police arrived at the scene, but as yet no statement about the alleged incident has been released.

It’s not known whether the paparazzo will pursue a criminal complaint.

Previously, Martinez’s volatility landed him in a fight with Berry’s ex-partner and Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry last Thanksgiving.

The argument was widely reported to have stemmed from Aubry’s dismay over Berry’s decision to relocate with their daughter to Martinez’s native France.

During the row that followed things got physical. Martinez and Aubry got into a fistfight which left Aubry with a black eye. He was later awarded a restraining order against Martinez, who still claims Aubry instigated the fight.

Berry currently stars in 911 thriller The Call and recently confirmed she would be reprising her role as Storm in Marvel’s X Men: Days of Future Past due out in theaters July 18, 2014.

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]