‘Thief’ Announcement Trailer Hits The Web [Video]

Thief announcement trailer leaked online

The Thief announcement trailer has hit the web in what was apparently a leak that Square Enix has now just gone ahead and run with.

It was announced that the game was getting a reboot and would finally be moving from the PC to both (when the other one finally comes) next generation consoles.

The trailer was first leaked by a YouTube user and after the video was already out there, Square Enix did the right thing by just going whole hog and allowing everyone to see what the new title would bring.

The Thief trailer features a new and improved looking Garrett as he preps his various thieving tools, and then goes in for the heist. The trailer looks to be showing what is so interesting about this game.

There is very little violence in the series and the trailer itself shows just one minor explosion. If you compare that to trailers for games like BioShock Infinite or Tomb Raider you will notice a distinct difference in the level of blowing up and shooting.

This game is different in that regard because the point of the game is different. You aren’t trying to out-muscle or out-shoot your opponents.

In this game you really are trying to get around and fool your enemies on the way towards gaining your prize.

While the trailer leak certainly doesn’t do any damage to the game, it does show just how many companies are having problems keeping things under wrap in the Internet age.

Battlefield 4 had quite a bit of info leaked, including their expected release date long before they were ready to go public with the information.

In that regard, Square Enix should thank its lucky stars that the video basically came out a day earlier than they expected it to hit the web.

Check out the video of Thief and let us know what you think.