Las Vegas Restaurant Crash Injures 10 People

Las Vegas Restaurant Crash

Las Vegas, NV – A car that crashed into a busy restaurant left at least 10 people seriously injured.

The vehicle reportedly crashed through the front window of Egg & I restaurant on Monday. The incident happened during the lunch rush. Ten people were injured during the accident.

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue spokesman Tim Szymanski said that several people were trapped beneath the car after it crashed into the restaurant. The driver was later arrested by police.

Witnesses said both the person behind the wheel of the vehicle and the passenger attempted to flee the scene of the crime.

The driver allegedly tried to dispose of drugs he had at the time. However, several people caught up with the man and prevented him from getting away.

Suziliene McDonald was inside the restaurant with her sisters when the accident took place. She said she screamed when she saw the vehicle heading towards the window.

“The motor was still revving and the dust came right after it, just like in the movies,” the witness explained.

Several people were wounded when the car crashed into the Las Vegas restaurant on Monday. McDonald said that two girls appeared to have been hit with flying glass during the incident. Another woman suffered a broken leg as a result of the incident.


Witnesses said a woman was trapped beneath the car as it balanced on a patio chair. Her son was reportedly crouched under the vehicle with her at the time. A restaurant employee is said to have been thrown into the kitchen due to the force of the crash.

The driver was arrested once police arrived on the scene. Reports indicate that the passenger was not charged with any crimes. The condition of those injured is unknown as of this writing.

Las Vegas police are currently investigating the restaurant crash that wounded nearly a dozen people on Monday afternoon.